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Our Lesson Program

Lessons are available at beginner/novice levels thru intermediate for ages 5 and up. The size of the lesson program is limited purposely to ensure quality.  Students are started with the basics of horse care and progress up through the fundamentals of riding to jumping and equitation.  Horsemanship and safety are emphasized in every lesson.  Our goal is to teach students to become well rounded equestrians in whatever discipline they choose to ride.

All students are required to ride in an approved SEI/ASTM helmet (available from farm) and riding boots with a heel.  If you plan to continue lessons, we do recommend that you purchase your own helmet.  Break-away safety stirrups are also used on all of our lesson saddles.  All riding equipment is well-maintained and sized appropriately for each rider.

Lessons are 45 minutes in a one-on-one or two rider format to allow for maximum attention to each student.  Lessons may run over/under as the students progress.  We focus on accomplishing correct riding and if we are in the middle of an exercise at the close of the lesson, we ensure both horse and rider are understanding the objective.  Beginner students are also encouraged to help get the horses ready for the lessons. 

Older/experienced students are responsible for tacking-up, un-tacking, warming up, cooling down & cleaning up after their horse before and after their lesson.  You should plan on arriving ~15 minutes before the scheduled lesson time and plan to spend ~15 minutes at the barn after their lesson is completed to groom.

Beginners can start on our lesson horses.  They are all safe, quality show mounts who actively teach our beginners and then head into the show ring with the more advanced students.

Lessons are currently $30/each.  Multiple lesson discounts may apply during holidays or other special promotions. 

Pee Wee/Lead Line Lessons/Beginner lessons are available for $20 for 30 minutes.  Grooming and tack is still taught along with the proper basics of riding.

Lessons are currently available:  7 days a week!  Holidays are also a great time to get in some extra riding. 

We also offer week long day camps for our students during the summer and Holidays and an Equine Experience Program for brand new to horses students.  Please see the Horse Camp Link for more information

To schedule your lesson please call or text Melanie at 989-708-0258.

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Lesson cost:  $30 per lesson

We accept Cash, Checks, Paypal thru Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express Credit cards for payment.  Personal checks may not be accepted in certain instances.  Paypal and credit card payments will be assessed a 2-3% fee. 

Student assistants

Our student assistants are teens with extensive experience in both riding and horse care. Their job is to assist students in getting horses groomed, tacked up and untacked. They also help students mount their horses and clean their tack after lessons.


Q: What kind of riding do you teach?
A: We teach English riding, either with or without jumping.

Q: How old do you have to be for lessons?
A: We start children at age 5 or 6 if they are capable of listening and following instruction on a horse.  We start with a private evaluation lesson to determine their readiness.   

Q: Do you have many adult riders?
A: Yes, we have adult riders of all ages and abilities who ride with other adults in our program. We have those who wish to learn how to ride and those who wish to get back into riding after having ridden in their youth.

Q: How do I get started in a class at BlueStar?
A: To begin riding at BlueStar it is necessary to start with an Evaluation Lesson, whether you have never ridden or you have experience riding. This way we can determine what lessons would be best suited to you and offer you specific times. It also gives the student an introduction to our program.

All lesson appointments must be made by phone by calling our office at 989-708-0258. It is necessary to bring the $25 fee in cash or check. We take no credit cards.

Q: How many people are in a group lesson?
A: Lessons are arranged by age and ability and have from 2-4 students in them.

Q: Do you teach horse care as well as riding?
A: Each student is taught to groom and tack their own horse which must be done before the lesson. After the lesson, students are taught to cool out their horse, groom, clean tack and put blankets on when needed. We also have separate 2-hour clinics throughout the year on various other aspects of horse care.

Q: When are lessons available?
A: We teach 6 days a week. Additionally, evening lessons are offered Sunday thorough Saturday. Lessons for adults are mornings or evenings, generally on week days, but we have a few spots for adults on weekends. School age children and teens generally ride from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM on weekdays, and 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Saturdays/Sundays.

Q: Do you have overnight camps?
A: No, our camps are all day camps.

Q: May I come to visit and/or watch a lesson before I sign up for anything?
A: Certainly. You may call to arrange a tour of the facility and find out times to observe by calling our office. You are always welcome to drop by for an informal look around also.

Q: Do you rent horses for trail rides?
A: No, we don't. We do have trail rides during classes and camps, weather permitting, but this is only for our students or horse lease clients.

Q: What do students need to wear for lessons or camps?

A: All students must wear an ASTM-SEI certified riding helmet while mounted and while leading or grooming a horse. We have all sizes of helmets to loan first-time riders who are not ready to purchase one of their own.

Paddock boots and half-chaps or boots and riding breeches are preferred. Shoes for riding must have at least a ½ inch heel. Jodhpur boots and paddock boots are appropriate for young children. Tennis shoes and hiking boots are not permitted.

Long hair should be neatly hidden under the helmet with clips or braided.  Loose, long hair is a safety hazard as it can easily become tangled in the tack during a fall!

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